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Wicked Questions
Keith McCandless
Articulate the Paradoxical Challenges That a Group Must Confront to Succeed You can spark innovative action while diminishing “yes, but…” a..
Transform Your Sarcasm
Jürgen Knuplesch
Sarcasm is a negative and discouraging communication style. It often shows a non-agile attitude towards other people. This guide will help y..
Blitz Planning
Alistair Cockburn
The planning session is an opportunity for the executive sponsor, ambassador user and developers to contribute together to build the projec..
Stakeholders Management
Ziryan Salayi
“How to manage stakeholders” is one of the challenges a Product Owner in an Agile environment faces when fulfilling her role. Especially as ..
Process Drawing
Eddy Bruin
Each team has a different context which results in a different process. This happens even if they are within the same department working on ..
Wellbeing North Star
Dave Gray
When things do not go according to plan, there are two ways we can change our outlook. One is to ignore what is wrong and solely focus on th..
Kanban Board Power-Ups
Dov Tsal
Want to make your Kanban board radiate information even brighter? Want to help the team view the board in a fresh light? This practice is j..
One-to-One Feedback
C. Neidhardt & O. Lewitz
We rarely take the chance to tell other people what we think of them. Doing that is usually scary, as everyone who’s had to give feedback (f..
Value Cards
Viktor Cessan
To help teams improve their collaboration I put together an exercise called Value cards. Value cards creates a safe space where people can e..

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