Experiment with actionable ideas

We offer actionable practices and tracks across many sources. Explore what other likeminded adventurers are doing, and see the why and how of their experiments.


Grow agile mindsets

Capture purpose-driven tracks with colleagues and teams to empower personal ownership of innovation cycles and outcomes. Receive measurable evidence of progress and agile transformation.


Scale up coaching capabilities

Provide actionable resources to your clients on demand. Support more teams and scrum masters in your organization and showcase your expertise and connect with potential clients.

The journey starts with our content
The first thing you will find on Mind Setters is our extensive library of actionable ideas. Crowdsourced, quality controlled and ready to use.
Value Cards
Viktor Cessan
To help teams improve their collaboration I put together an exercise called Value cards. Value cards creates a safe space where people can e..
Process Drawing
Eddy Bruin
Each team has a different context which results in a different process. This happens even if they are within the same department working on ..
Blitz Planning
Alistair Cockburn
The planning session is an opportunity for the executive sponsor, ambassador user and developers to contribute together to build the projec..
Core Scrum Game
John Miller
An interactive and collaborative card sorting activity to learn the differences between “Core Scrum” (a must have to do Scrum) or “Supportiv..
Bugs for Breakfast
Heidi Araya
Is your team suffering from lack of focus on quality? Have your team eat “bugs for breakfast”. Inspiration and part courtesy of Jeff Campbel..
Squad Health Check Model
Henrik Kniberg
At Spotify we’ve been experimenting a lot with various ways of visualizing the “health” of a squad, in order to help them improve and find s..
Wellbeing North Star
Dave Gray
When things do not go according to plan, there are two ways we can change our outlook. One is to ignore what is wrong and solely focus on th..

Then we track value

We track value, share results and continuously improve by leaving marks for ourselves and others.

Jurgen Appelo

Jurgen Appelo

Weekly meetings catching up with the rest of the team - no coffee, very annoying!!!


We embark on journeys

Tracks link practices to reach goals and deliver rewards. Journey alone or get community support, it is up to you.


We work together

Teams and groups coordinate actions to achieve shared milestones and support each other on their journeys.

Jurgen AppeloMathias DausPaula CassinIain ThackrahHarald PaulPedro Medas

A powerful combination

Practices, marks, tracks and teams create a powerful platform. This is further enhanced by the wisdom created by each and every player coupled with our ever growing Machine Learning algorithms.

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An active and expanding community


Agile changemakers from 40+ countries use Mind Settlers to solve problems, track experiments, collaborate and make things better at work. Player activity grows the community knowledge base and ensures a continuous improvement cycle.

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Our community is at our heart, powering Mind Settlers forward and we are proud of all the feedback we reiceive.

As a Mind Settler user, I love journeys for my daily work; they help me to stay on track and the included practices give me valuable input from people around the world.

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Thought leaders and Mind Settlers working together
We are method and framework agnostic. Any activity, toolbox or methodology is welcome on our platform.
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