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The Responsibility Process shows the ways to switch from the Control Cycle into the Power Cycle.

The Control Cycle is a natural reaction to approaching problem solving. It seeks to solve problems by creating compliance with advice and rules that are developed. It only addresses the anxiety; the underlying problem will not be resolved and the problem will return.

The Power Cycle is the desired path to take when approaching problem solving. It derives power from looking at all possible solutions, gaining clarity of the root cause, and then trusting in the solution (as well as those who will implement it).

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This Practice contains guides and videos that will help you make this shift.


Make a New Choice: Plan Your Next Steps

Use the workplace situation that you selected in a previous job aid to complete this guide.

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Define the problem

The __ situation at work is causing me stress, anxiety, and upset.


Complete the checklist

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If you ‘agreed’ with more than two statements above, you are on a good path to powerful problem solving. Still, plan next steps, and celebrate your win!


Plan your next steps

Plan three actions to move forward, operating from Responsibility, and using the Power Cycle.