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Practice overview


In incremental product delivery, you deliver a working, usable product every time you release it.

There is no hidden, remaining work that will surprise you later. This is called Done.

By releasing only Done increments, quality levels are clear and met.

This allows everybody to inspect value delivered and the real cost incurred.

This practice helps your team to improve your Definition of Done (DoD for short) to better fit your context.

Thanks to David Koontz for co-authoring this practice.


Prepare the "Arena of Done" event

This guide helps you to prepare the "Arena of Done" event.

The Arena of Done is an interactive, collaborative event that helps your team and its stakeholders to improve your Definition of Done (DoD for short) to better fit your context.

You can run this event to create the first version of your DoD or to improve an existing DoD.

Thanks to David Koontz for co-authoring this guide.

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Skim the guide "The Arena of Done"

Skim the guide "The Arena of Done" to get a general idea of the event.

The remaining steps in this guide help you to prepare the event.


Collect Materials

You’ll need:

  • Six areas labeled "Ideas", “Never”, “Later”, “Now”, “Experiments” and “DoD”. You can use a flip chart sheet as an area, or draw the areas on a whiteboard.

  • Stickies for all participants.

  • Sharpies for all participants.


Invite attendees

You will want to invite the team(s) that deliver the product.

Additionally, you can invite people ...

  • who can learn something in the event.

  • who can benefit from the event.

  • who can contribute to the event.

  • with a passion for the product and its quality.


Prepare opening scaling questions

You’ll open the event by asking several scaling questions.

When running this event multiple times, it is a good idea to vary the questions.

Questions that help set the stage are variations on the theme "we understand what has to be done to deliver a product increment to our customers."

For example:

  • We can release our product to our users right after we finish our next feature.

  • We have a clear shared understanding of what it takes to build and release our product.

  • The quality level of our product is right where it should be.


Prepare Ideas

To get the conversation started, collect some example DoD items.

For instance:

  • Our product owner has accepted the product increment.

  • The source code is maintainable.

  • The product increment is tested.

  • Documentation is up-to-date and published.

For more examples, see David Koontz's Definition of Done exercise cards.