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The Responsibility Process shows the ways to switch from the Control Cycle into the Power Cycle.

The Control Cycle is a natural reaction to approaching problem solving. It seeks to solve problems by creating compliance with advice and rules that are developed. It only addresses the anxiety; the underlying problem will not be resolved and the problem will return.

The Power Cycle is the desired path to take when approaching problem solving. It derives power from looking at all possible solutions, gaining clarity of the root cause, and then trusting in the solution (as well as those who will implement it).

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This Practice contains guides and videos that will help you make this shift.


Hell Yes, Yes, and No: Choose Hell Yes


  • We say yes to many tasks and commitments through the day, both at work and home.
  • Sometimes, when we encounter a problem we feel we “Have to” confront it.
  • If we say “Yes” without conviction or a larger purpose, we may be in Obligation.


  • As professionals, it is often hard to say “No.” It can be even harder with family or friends.
  • Sometimes, saying “No” is the most Responsible choice – it keeps us out of Obligation, and may allow us to focus on a larger purpose or root cause of other issues.
  • Saying “No” too oftn, or saying it to simply avoid shame, obligation, anxiety, or upset may mean we’re in Quit.

“Hell Yes!”

  • Saying “Hell Yes” to something means we really want to do it.
  • We have a better chance of operaAng from Responsibility.
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Replicate the chart

Draw the chart below.

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Write down all you've said yes to

Write down everything you say “yes” to today in the middle column, including tasks, “Responsibilities,” and events you plan/attend.


Categorize each

Make a decision about each and categorize it into the right or left column by drawing an arrow to either “No” or “Hell Yes.”


Moving foward, choose Hell Yes

Just saying “Yes” to what comes our way may keep us trapped in Obligation. Making the determination if it is a “No” or a “Hell Yes” will help us move to Responsibility. If many of your “Yes” items end up in the “Hell Yes” category, examine if you are over-subscribed. If many of your “Yes” items end up in the “No” category, check to make sure you’re not in “Quit.” If its a “Yes” that you feel you “have to” do, ask yourself: “What could move this to a ‘Hell Yes’ for me?”