Christopher Avery

The Responsibility Process guy, reformed management consultant, author of books on personal and shared leadership, instigator.


Practice overview


Conditioning: Use Nature vs. Nurture to Your Advantage

What do you need to recondition yourself around? What concepts have you learned through traditional management practices or experience that may be getting in your own way of operating from Responsibility and taking a powerful approach to problem solving? Follow the steps below.

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What have you been taught?

Respond to the prompts below by filling in the blanks.

  • Good managers....(ie. Set good policy/processes and hold their people accountable.)
  • To gain people’s respect, I must...
  • To get results, I must...
  • To be successful, I need to...

Reframe your beliefs.

We’ve softened the prompts, now reframe or restate your statements to reflect your knowledge of The Responsibility Process.

  • Good managers... (ie. Empower colleagues by looking for root causes and trusting them to resolve issues.)
  • To gain people’s respect, I could...
  • To get results, I could...
  • To be successful, I want to...