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The typical lifecycle of a business model consists of ten stages.

  1. Initiation: The business model is just an idea
  2. Expedition: First experimentation, seeking problem/solution fit
  3. Formation: Full commitment of a team to pursue the idea
  4. Validation: Iterative experimentation, seeking product/market fit
  5. Stabilization: Seeking business/market fit, preparing to scale up
  6. Acceleration: Growth hacking and rapid scaling to a large market
  7. Crystallization: Established in a market, switching to optimization
  8. Expansion: Expansion to other territories and product variants
  9. Conservation: All goals achieved; business model is in decline
  10. Finish: Closure of the business, focus on other products
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The Business Lifecycle Game

With the Business Lifecycle game, you learn to better understand the differences between the ten lifecycle stages of business models.