Personal Goal Setting

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Ever wonder why people contribute to Wikipedia? What would make someone spend hours updating a site that doesn’t pay her or even help her build her resume?

Here lies the power of Epic Meaning and Calling one of the most powerful motivators for humans behaviour. Humans have an incredible drive to be part of something bigger than themselves. When we embrace this call to adventure, we stop being mere employees/workers/partners/parents/etc. and become the hero of our own story.

Creating a vision of the future, where you see yourself as the hero of your own story, can power you towards to a goal greater than yourself.

In this practice you will find actionable ideas on how to write your own epic personal visions.

This practice combines the work of Yu Kai Chou and his Octalysis gamification framework and the work of J.D.Meier in Getting Agile Results.

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Monday: Set up an epic week

Purpose: To take control of your week. Set a course to keep you on your desired track throughout the week.

How many weeks of your life have flown by and left you wondering ‘What did I actually achieve this week?’ Not any more. This approach helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel, the wood from the trees and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Here is your chance to set up an epic vision for the week and achieve more. Each week is a chance to live an epic story and this guide helps you do that.