The EPIQ Feedback Model

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Feedback is a hot topic, but not everyone agrees about its usefulness. Some praise feedback as something fundamentally important, while others claim that, even with a well-intentioned feedback model, it’s directly harmful to relationships and self-esteem.

I’ve spent many years learning about and observing feedback. I’ve seen how feedback can both unify us and divide us. I’ve also come to learn what distinguishes great feedback from mediocre or even harmful feedback. Over the years, I’ve distilled my observations and research into a feedback model, and in this post, I share that model. I call it “The EPIQ Feedback Model”.

So join me and explore how Empathy, Position, Intention, and Quality can be used to craft and deliver great feedback.

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Apply the EPIQ Feedback Model

The EPIQ Feedback Model has 4 primary dimensions, each of which I’ll discuss in more detail below and explain how to use.