Transform Your Sarcasm

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Sarcasm is a negative and discouraging communication style. It often shows a non-agile attitude towards other people. This guide will help you see behind your sarcastic phrases and transform them to have a positive impact.

When I detect a sarcastic remark I made, it makes me uncomfortable. It doesn't resolve any issue and creates hostility and disconnect. However - it does indicate I have an unresolved issue and opens the door to deal with it in a constructive manner.

I can think of different contexts where this practice will useful for me and hopefully for you as well:

  • after a meeting
  • when writing an email or a report
  • when I am alone and notice sarcastic thoughts in my mind
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Identify your sarcasm

Sarcasm is defined as a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain.

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Transform sarcastic phrases

Once you found examples where you express yourself sarcastically, you can examine the root of your sarcasm and the need it fills. This in turn will help you transform them to constructive communication.

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Use the transformation

Once you have transformed a sarcastic phrase, you can follow up in many ways.

Maybe you find some steps on your own.

Here are some examples to help you to find your own way and realize your dream.