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When is the best time to think about your team culture or organizational culture? The answer is of course: now. No matter whether your team hasn’t formally started yet, or has been around for several years, organizational culture eats everything for breakfast. It’s best to get a firm grip on how it evolves! With this practice, you collect stories that emphasize your culture.

A culture code is a living document that is used to inform people about the culture of an organization. HubSpot did it with their HubSpot Culture Code slides. Spotify did it with their Spotify Engineering Culture video. Culture codes usually have multiple contributors, and they are shared publicly on the Internet. How will you define your culture code?

Tip: With the Value Stories practice, you can discuss team values and organizational values based on the stories that you have found.

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Capture Stories for Your Culture Code

A successful organization starts with a great culture. With a culture code (in the form of a book, slides, or video) you can achieve clarity on desirable behaviors, which contributes to a better culture. Ideally, the culture code defines not just the cultural baseline but offers examples with stories and visuals as well.

With this guide, you capture stories as the “raw materials” that could end up in a culture code document.

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Create and Refine Your Culture Code

Because corporate culture keeps evolving, it is best to adopt a culture code that grows along with it. Your culture book (or culture video) could be a living document that is updated at regular times. And knowing that there won’t be a final version, it is easy to start the initiative at any point.